{@C} Era of Enlightenment // Hand of Enlightenment [Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty][NEO 011]

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Set: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
Type: Enchantment — Saga
Rarity: Common
Cost: {1}{W}
(As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter.)

I — Scry 2.

II — You gain 2 life.

III — Exile this Saga, then return it to the battlefield transformed under your control.
Reverse Type: Enchantment Creature — Human Monk
First strike
“We have endured lifetimes of war and carved our way to peace by blade and conquest. Now, united at last under Kyodai’s guidance, we lay down our weapons and open our minds.” —Aoha, general of the First Emperor

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