Staff Recommendations

Deacon - CY_BORG

Brought to you by the people who made MÖRK BORG, CY_BORG is a gritty, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk game, where the rules are light and everything else is heavy. Create your punk and fight back against the corporations that are taking over the city of Cy.

Claire - Tea Dragon Society

Make memories with your tea dragon through all four seasons with this adorable deck builder based on Kay O'Neill's graphic novels! This game is easy to learn and play over and over again

Aspa - Root

Root is an asymetrical war game with 4 different factions to play. There are also plenty of expansions in the store! Up-root your friends in this fun forest battle.

Edward - Blades in the Dark

Heist your way through an industrial fantasy city in this crime-laden tabletop RPG. Throw a character together in minutes as you on-the-fly plan your crime, build your crew, and gather the most notorious reputation the underworld has ever seen!

Judge - No Thank You, Evil!

This is the perfect game for getting the younger folks in your life into RPG's. It prioritizes team-building and adventure over rules sets and is the perfect game for early learners.

Trenton - Sheriff of Nottingham

Have you ever wanted to aggressively gaslight your friends? Play this. One of the best "bluffing your friends" games I have played.