New Arrivals: MTG

Staff Picks

Staff Member: Edward

Heist your way through an industrial fantasy city in this crime-laden tabletop RPG. Throw a character together in minutes as you on-the-fly plan your crime, build your crew, and gather the most notorious reputation the underworld has ever seen!

Staff Member: Deacon

A post-apocalyptic, doom metal album turned into a rules light (but heavy on everything else) RPG. MÖRK BORG is a book filled to the brim with amazing art, dark lore, deadly monsters, and all around awesome content.

Staff Member: Aspa

Root is an asymetrical war game with 4 different factions to play. There are also plenty of expansions in the store! Up-root your friends in this fun forest battle.

Staff Member: Judge

This is the perfect game for getting the younger folks in your life into RPG's. It prioritizes team-building and adventure over rules sets and is the perfect game for early learners.

Staff Member: Trent

Have you ever wanted to aggressively gaslight your friends? Play this. One of the best "bluffing your friends" games I have played.