Res Arcana

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    Published: 2019

    Designer: Thomas Lehman

    Players: 2-4

    Play Time: 20-60 Minutes

    Age: 10+

    Weight: 2.61/5

    By the designer of the classic card game, Race for the Galaxy. Res Arcana has a familiar theme. You control a mage collecting five different magical essences with which to play out various cards. Sounds like something you've heard of before, don't fret! Res Arcana has accessible rules, deep strategy, and a fairly quick play time. All around a really elegant design. 

    Res Arcana has a great mix of drafting, resource racing, and engine building. This will appeal to MTG players, but I could also see it really appealing to somebody who loves a game like Splendor but is ready for a little more complexity or a fan of Terraforming Mars who would prefer a quicker game. Coming back to drafting, the feel is a lot more along the lines of drafting a cohesive collection of cards like in a Magic draft deck only with a more accessible and smaller group of cards.

    - $39.99

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