40-01 40K: Indomitus Box Set

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    Release date 7/25/20

    Get a head start on the new 40K with this limited edition box set!

      • An essential purchase for every existing Warhammer 40,000 fan, that launches the new edition of the game.
      • Contains 2 full armies consisting of 61 all-new push-fit plastic miniatures.
      • 24 Space Marines: 1x Captain, 1x Lieutenant, 1x Chaplain, 1x Judiciar, 1x Bladeguard Ancient, 3x Bladeguard Veterans, 3x Outriders, 3x Eradicators, 10x Assault Intercessors.
      • 37 Necrons: 1x Overlord, 1x Royal Warden, 1x Plasmancer, 1x Skorpekh Lord, 2x Cryptothralls, 3x Skorpekh Destroyers, 1x Canoptek Plasmacyte, 1x Canoptek Reanimator, 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarms, 20x Necron Warriors.
  • Includes 368-page launch edition hardback core rulebook, with alternate cover only available in this set.
  • A high added-value set, with approx 260% added value.

  • - $244.99

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