Youth Dungeons and Dragons: Carcosa

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    We are hosting Youth D&D games over Discord! If your kids are getting antsy at home and need to use their imaginations, this is the chance! DM Jacob will be running 2 sessions a week for different campaigns on Tuesday and Thursdy afternoons. The price will be $10.

    Carcosa: Set in a strange demiplane, the city of Carcosa hosts a plethora of eldritch monstrocities, bent on destroying body and mind. The players take the role of aspiring Hunters, setting out to right the evils of this land. This campaign has large gothic and cosmic horror elements, and has a rather serious tone. Characters will join the campaign at level 3, and can use the point buy or standard array for stats. For sources, any non-homebrew sources from DnD Beyond are acceptible. The link for the campaign on DNDBeyond is

    We will be utilizing Discord, a digital communication platform, as well as DND Beyond. The discord server has a bot built in that will be used for dice rolls. For characters, players will use DND Beyond (, and will be given access to Jacob’s collection of digital resources for character creation upon registering. Players will build new characters for these campaigns, with guidelines based on which campaign they are in. During the game, we will use one channel for voice chat and another for dice rolls. Because of this, players are encouraged to have access to a microphone that can be used on their computer, tablet, or phone. Many have mics built in. Players will be able to message each other or the DM during the game and throughout the week.

    If you are new to the campaign, Jacob will reach out to you for character instructions and info. Discord Link:

    - $10.00

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